Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mount Tam Rangers: TAKE NOTICE

Found this plausible and demonstrable threat on mtbr forums- the mouthpiece rag for the illegal mountain bike trail riders of Marin County.

Everywhere on Tam where there is a "no bikes" sign, you're sure to see their tell-tale tire tracks. When will MMWD raise their violation rates to double or triple? I like triple. Demand it if you care about Mount Tamalpias.

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Tam: Whats to come for many if you neglect trails

I can't believe I am getting into this argument. I lived in Mill Valley since 1970 (now East Bay) and work here every day. 1st 5 posts exremely accurate and I don't usually tell guys on this forum about hidden gems but these A-holes in south Marin are missing out on huge opportunities for regulated use/repair of trails. I ride illegal all the time. It is slightly less enjoyable than legal but my poor attitude on this one area is because I rode Hoo Koo E Koo, Rock springs, and Tenderfoot with BMX (ashtabula equiped) as a kid. RIDE TAM. Be respectful to hikers, Take in an earfull and eat crow, pay $225 tickets, and Ride at night. Rangers go through periods of stings but mostly you will not get caught. There is great fireroad riding that is fantastic for intermediates and legal ( I don't love fireroads ). I Never(almost never) ride illegal trails out of respect of the hard work riders put in all over the Bay Area, Except Tam. Sorry for the negativity- I gotta get on my bike!

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