Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Death Threats Issued to John Parulis

The District Attorney's office and RCMP are being contacted regarding this recent posting....
This latest from so called Bay Area Anti-Bike Hatred


June 29. comment posted here as well as below on comment tab:
Blogger evilbiker said...

John, we know who you are. We know where you live. We are coming to get you.


Don't stand next to any windows.


June 29, 2008


This web site was taken down because of treats to its creator from illegal bikers. The site here is stored on the Internet Archive from April 5, 2004

Monday, June 16, 2008

Michael More, Repeat Criminal

(I've been involved in numerous issues to preserve Open Space and environmentally sensitive areas from developers. I've returned to this blog because of the serious nature of the trail destruction that continues in our open spaces)

Michael More is an unrepentant criminal. He destroys fragile ecosystems in the belief that these areas need more extreme downhill biking lanes. This is the second time he's been arrested for illegal trail building and if given the chance, he'll do it again. I would submit the heads of access4bikes, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, IMBA, Patrick Seidler and Jim Jacobsen to lie detector tests with the question "do you support the illegal trail building of Michael More and have you sent monies to him to help him pay the costs of the huge fines his illegal actions have merited?"

Increased patrols and fourfold increases in fines are just a few measures needed to address these types of crimes. Here's a sample of the kind of support postings Michael More is getting from the illegal mountain bike community:

"Such a shame! Here we have someone who puts their time and effort into making our parks a better place, and he gets arrested?

We constantly hear that money isn't available for parks, and yet someone volunteers their time and gives to our community, and look what we do.

We should laud this person's efforts, not arrest him."


CBS-5 Video of Michael More

I invite Marin Municipal Water Department personnel, China Camp ranger staff and Marin County Open Space staff to look through this blog and read some of the malicious, hateful comments I've attracted by voicing strong concern for protecting our valuable and fragile open space environment. I have been on the receiving end of numerous death threats. Because of my citizen's arrest of an illegal biker who broke into my vehicle a couple of years ago near a San Pedro Mountain Open Space trail, vigilante bikers have published my address on their blogs with invitations to their warped friends to do something about me. These idiots don't realize how their comments and actions further alienate them from sensible trail policy and sensible citizens. They are in fact cowards who talk tough on the internet, but who have always backed down from personal confrontations with me on the illegal trails.

Here's a letter I sent to the MarinIJ regarding Michael's recent arrest. Get tough Open Space managers. This illegal mountain bike faction will never go away until you deal with them with the severity they so rightly deserve.

Promises Promises

I was not surprised to see illegal mountain bike trail builder, Michael More in trouble with the law again. Last year I went to the China Camp ranger office to report illegal off trail riding in the park, when I noticed Michael was there, at a meeting for park trail maintenance personnel. This was one of the conditions for his parole resulting from his indictment in 2001 for illegal trail building in the GGNRA on endangered species habitat. I told the ranger on duty that having Michael working in China Camp was like having the fox guarding the hen house. How true this turned out to be. The problem with this offense is that it is extensive, deeply embedded in the culture of mountain bike riding and tacitly approved of by the local bike advocacy groups. MCBC president, Jim Jacobsen is a friend of Michael’s. People on the mountain bike blogs, applaud this type of illegal activity and look upon Michael as a hero. Shame on Judge Heubach for the inappropriate light sentence for a determined repeat offender. More promised not to do it again. Sure.