Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doper Tom Stienstra Calling for Bikes Only Parks

Tom Stienstra, the bearded SF Chronicle out door writer is calling for "bikes only parks" with stiff penalties for non bike users.

Is this so dope growers can reach their hidden fields unmolested? Tom ought to know, he was arrested back in April for cultivating 60 marijuana plants. Nowhere in Tom's latest piece is there any call for stiff penalties for illegal trail riding or building, but since mountain biking plays by its own set of rules, this is not surprising. Role Model Tom makes a perfect spokesperson for illegal mountain biking and its endless search for legitimacy.
So "role model Tom" is calling for exactly whom to fund his bikes only scheme? The bankrupt state? Stressed state park resources? IMBA? Welcome Tom to the criminal mountain bike hit parade. You join convicted dope seller Missy Giovi!