Monday, August 3, 2009

"Bikes Belong... With Lots of Money"

"Bikes Belong is sponsored by the U.S. bicycle
industry with the goal of putting more people on
bicycles more often. We have nearly 400
members­ bicycle suppliers and retailers combining
resources to improve bicycling in America. Based
in Boulder, Colorado, we have 12 professional
staff, 18 volunteer directors, and a $2 million annual operating budget".

"Bikes Belong takes the guesswork out of
advocacy. We’re a professional, unified effort
that is powered by the $6 billion-a-year U.S.
bicycle industry. When you join, you add your
weight to the collective strength of hundreds of other bike businesses."

1 comment:

Mocrael said...

Yes, it is all about the money, and nothing about common sense, isn't it? The mountain bikers have no scruples, and are aligning themselves with both the bicycle and motorized off-road industry.