Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Split Rock & Hikers With a Message

Editor's Note: We do not endorse the view expressed in this video that fire roads should be excluded to mountain biking. We do agree with the interviewee that unsafe speeds of bikes on fire roads is a safety issue that deserves better enforcement.

Erroded Trail. Interview


RonAcker said...


Do you want to get together and have a cup of coffee sometime? I'm interested in having a conversation with you that's not limited to soundbites and sensationalism. Perhaps we can learn a bit from each other. If you're interested feel free to email me at


Jack W. said...

fuck off FAGET

nobody 612 said...

It is sad when one group holds so much hate for another.
I am pretty sure you are the type who feel your God is also superior to others, based on the same blind faith.

My sympathies are with you trailkiller - you sound like you are the type to hold on to your grudges, and one day have a stress heart attack for all your effort.

i'll make sure to call out when i pass you on the trail

your friends

the knobby nation

eltaco70120 said...

In response to this website as a whole, I am personally really disgusted that people can have so much hate for a sport, even go as far as writing articles, and have virtually no evidence of these things and have not looked at Mountain Biking without a truly biased point of view. You say that mountain biking is a dangerous sport that has caused deaths. Did you ever research the number of hiking related injuries or deaths? The chances are that there are many times more injuries out on the trails related to hiking than to biking. The other argument against biking is it's ecological affect. Have you ever seen a biker OFF of a trail? That answer will be no. Bikers have no will, no reason, and no means to leave the trails they ride. As a hiker and biker, i have personally seen hundreds of hikers walking around off the trails while bikers stay on the trails 100% of the time. You say bikers build trails and ruin the environment. If one trail is built in an area, that one trail will keep the entirety of the biking community in the area satisfied for years. Just one trail is all it takes. There are plenty of other trails available for hikers to walk along, so why complain about one trail being built, when you as hikers get many more trails built a year than the biking community does. Lastly i would like to show you an organization that almost every biker has heard of and supported.

This is what 90% of bikers agree with. As a whole this website is extremely biased, under-researched and quite offensive to the thousands of mountain bikers that do as much as they can to preserve the world they live in.

biker12344 said...

Why are all of you so hateful towards mountain biking, you don't overrule us, the trails are made for everyone, hiking, biking, even horseback riding in some cases. If your group of people is saying that we can't bike on the trails that's just plain selfish.

Dace said...

public urination, assualt on hikers, lawbreaking, destruction of endangered species, extreme workouts, risky riding habits, holy $hit! you make mountain bikers sound like a south central gang. Truth is, you have been wasting all of your negative energy on nothing, you will never, ever stop us from riding or building trails. I feel sorry for you on your pointless quest to eradicate mountain biking from all trails, you will never succeed, you are so sad.

Iggy said...

Wow. 1 incident in 35 years? thats not bad at all. the erosion stuff? are you kidding me? Why don't you care about something that actually has a fucking impact on the environment like deforestation? Our little 2 foot wide trails meandering down the hillsides aren't going to do anything. You'd have to be a blind and deaf to not be aware of an approaching biker. You fail, but nice try.